Around the web: Great articles on social media

There have been lots of great articles related to nonprofits and social media lately, so I thought I'd share a few here. Want more? Check out our StumbleUpon page.

A social media experiment raises big money for small charity (Chronicle for Philanthropy)
A tiny nonprofit used Foursquare and some original thinking to raise $25,000 in just nine days. Find out how!

13 truths about social media measurement (Altitude)
There are several great insights in this article. Social media measurement can't live in a vacuum - it has to work in tandem with other things you're measuring within your organization. Also, measurement is not an end in and of itself. It's what you do with it, and being able to recognize the difference between correlation and causation, that matters.

Twitter from a small nonprofit perspective (The Art of Being Social)
I like this first-person narrative about how the author got her nonprofit started on Twitter. She didn't overthink it, but she did follow a lot of best practices that were out there, and managed to make a lot of connections to organizations that they could work with.

Can Big Bird convert Twitter followers Into Facebook fans? (Dan Lewis)
Admittedly, this article drew my attention because I love Sesame Street. But Dan Lewis, director of new media communications for Sesame Workshop, lays out a fascinating, methodical case study on how to get your followers on one platform to follow you on another.

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