3 reasons I'm psyched Amy Sample Ward is the new NTEN CEO

Amy Sample Ward (image from LinkedIn)

Amy Sample Ward (image from LinkedIn)

When the announcement came May 29 that Amy Sample Ward would be the new Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) CEO, I literally squee'd aloud - which earned me a few stares in the car dealership, as I awaited an oil change. (But I regret nothing!)

Simply put, I am totally psyched for Amy to be in this position. NTEN is a great organization, one that's provided me with great resources and connections over the past several years. Their gatherings, webinars and publications are all top-notch: it's not an organization one should entrust to just anybody. 

So here's why I'm particularly excited that Amy will be taking the helm: 

  1. She understands the struggles and the joys of the nonprofit sector. In every presentation I've seen her give, it's clear that Amy "gets it." She knows there are only so many hours in the day, that people often lack the time and tools they need to do what they need to do, and that creative solutions are often necessary. (For example, see her presentations on Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day and Mastering Social Networking as a Volunteer.) But she also clearly wants to make the world a better place and understands that optimistic hope that drives nonprofiteers every day at work
  2. She's results-driven. If you've seen Amy on a panel, the word "data" almost always comes up. Measurement drives success, and that's a lesson that simply can't be overstated, particularly in the nonprofit sector. But Amy knows data is about more than cold numbers and ROI - it's a means by which nonprofits can tell their stories.
  3. She loves helping people learn from each other. As the membership director of NTEN, Amy did an awesome job cultivating a sense of community among members, really encouraging people to build connections. The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) had more opportunities to network this past year than I remember it having any other year, and those networking times never felt like mere gaps in the schedule for me to go check my email. They felt like a valuable and integral part of the conference. On social media, Amy builds conversations and Twitter chats, and responds quickly to questions. She shares her resources and knowledge happily, through the books she's contributed to, presentations, her blog (she's great about sharing her conference notes on her blog), and when chatting in person - plus she always encourages others to do the same (particularly at the NTC).

I could go on for pages, seriously. Amy's a great person who is going to do great things for NTEN. I can't wait to see what's in store!