11 nonprofit Pinterest board ideas you can steal

Back in February, I wrote about 13 nonprofit Pinterest board ideas. Here are 11 more! 

1. Photos and brief stories of heroes to your cause

 AARP does a great job of this, showcasing celebrities over 50 and other influential people. Who in your movement has made a difference over the years? This is a great place to show them off and briefly tell their stories.

2. Great online resources related to your cause

For example, the National Wildlife Federation has a board aggregating live wildlife cams from around the world . 

3. Recipes people can use for your nonprofit's events and fundraisers

The Northeastern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has a board with church potluck recipes.  

4. Photos and stories from your organization's history

The American Red Cross has a board about the early days of the organization's existence, showcasing key members and events. 

5. Recommended books and other media related to your cause

Oceana has an interesting board of art and books related to ocean conservation.

6. Research and discoveries

The University of Minnesota shares recent scientific discoveries made at the University

7. How-to content

Ontario Parks teaches people how to camp with this Pinterest board. Another of their boards features recommended camping equipment - a great resource for people just starting out.

8. Tips from members and spokespeople

The CDC has tips from former smokers, which serves not only as a valuable resource for people checking out their pins, but also is a great way to shine a spotlight on the people their organization serves - letting them tell their own stories.

9. Why you fight

KaBOOM!, a national organization that builds playgrounds and advocates for more unstructured playtime for kids, has a cleverly-titled "Board of Outrage" to highlight "absurd, bizarre, and depressing stories about the state of play." 

10. Fundraising ideas

Do your members do any P2P fundraising? Give them ideas how to come up with the money they need to participate in your walkathon or other events with a Pinterest board. Girl Scout Troop 50170 has this helpful board of fundraising tips and ideas

11. Spotlight your CEO

Not only is this interesting content for members and donors, it's a handy resource for media relations. Planned Parenthood has a board with the latest photos and quotes from their CEO, Cecile Richards.

Post your favorite nonprofit Pinterest board ideas in the comments!