Small Act empowers organizations to take social media to the next level, enhancing fundraising, prospecting, event-planning and advocacy efforts. With their SocialData, Social Intelligence, and SocialCRM solutions, Small Act proudly serves hundreds of clients, including The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, and American Heart Association.

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Small Act in the media 

7/29/13 - The NonProfit Times
 Social Ecosystems Are The New Donor Research

4/18/13 - Fundraising Success 
2013 NTC: How Two Nonprofits Utilize Social-Media Data, Part 1
2013 NTC: How Two Nonprofits Utilize Social-Media Data, Part 2

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 How to use social data to build stronger relationships

4/9/13 - The NonProfit Times
  Being non-social with social media

3/14/13 - CauseVox
5 Social Media CRMs for Nonprofits

1/15/13 - Nonprofit Radio 
Social Media Data To Find Advocates, Leaders And Hidden VIPs

8/20/12 -  Because Everyone Has a Way of Life...
SXSW panels I recommend checking out

8/15/12 - The Connected Cause
Nonprofit CRM + Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven (or at Least the Cloud)

8/13/12 - Beaconfire
Doing Good at SxSW Interactive 2013

8/1/12 - SmartCEO Magazine
Start Me Up: DC's Hottest Startup CEOs Explain Why They Quit Their Day Jobs

7/16/12 - Care2 Frogloop
11 Outstanding Nonprofit Reports You Should Read

7/12/12 - Tuvel Blog
Infographic: How to Identify and Empower Your Social Media Influencers

4/12/12 - The Duck Call: The Big Duck Blog
What we learned at NTEN's 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference

4/11/12 - RAD Blog
5 (Rad) Takeaways from 12NTC

11/17/11 - Beth's Blog
What’s in your social media measurement tool box and why?

08/01/11 - NTEN Connect
Nonprofits & Gaming: Playing Your Way to More Funds, More Volunteers, and Solving the World's Problems

07/29/11 - Entrepreneur Bisnow
This One Goes to Eleven

05/16/11 - Shoestring Venture
Small Act helps nonprofits and associations cultivate key relationships in social media for real results

05/02/11 - Philanthropy News Digest
A 'Flip' Chat With...Casey Golden, founder and CEO, Small Act

05/01/11 - Nonprofit Bridge
Social Media for Social Good

04/27/11 - Frogloop (Care2)
Social Media: Measuring the Right Things

03/22/11 - Ad Council Blog
My Top Ten SXSW Interactive Takeaways

03/15/11 - SXSW Baby!
Podcast 15 March 2011

02/17/11 - Sisarina
How to: Build Relationships on Twitter

01/12/11 - Socialbrite
10 paid social media monitoring services for nonprofits

01/06/11 - Fed Tech Bisnow
Social Media Golden Boy (err, Man)

01/06/11 - NTEN Connect
Social CRM: Social Media Relationships Made Easier

12/06/10 - The Washington Post
Area start-ups connect donors and charities

11/18/10 - Changing the World One Invention at a Time
Remarkable Casey Golden

11/04/10 - NTEN Connect
Social Media: Who Should Navigate the Ship

10/12/10 - Pepsi Refresh Project
Inaugural Arts and Culture Grantee Summit

09/13/10 - Fundraising Ideas Today
Small Act 'Thrive' Software

08/25/10 - Marketing by Deepak
Interview with Nikki Lowry

08/10/10 - Bay Area Social Media Management
Thrive – A Solution for Social Media Management for Nonprofits

08/09/10 - Causecast Nonprofit
Thrive Offers Nonprofits a Solution for Social Media Management

08/05/10 - Christian Science Monitor
Can social media save the world?

07/21/10 -
Tool of the Week

04/01/10 - Indianapolis ORG Magazine
Social Media: Who Should Navigate the Ship?

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